Aickarakkonathe Bhishaguaranmaar (2018) Malayalam Full Movie Download

Aickarakkonathe Bhishaguaranmaar

Aickarakkonathe Bhishaguaranmaar (2018) Malayalam Full Movie Download

Aickararakkonathe Bhishaguaranmaar is the story of a traditional physician. He wishes his children to be doctors of modern medicine, but they turn to Ayurveda, homeopathy and nursing. The film is about these physicians of Aikkarakkonam and how their medical practices impact the lives of the village.

Cast & Crew
Director: Biju Majeed
Actor: Vipin Mangalashery, Shivaji Guruvayoor, Jaffer Idukki, Sunil Sukhada, Seema G Nair, Santhosh Keezhattoor, Saju Navodaya, Pradeep Kottayam
Release Date: 05 Oct, 2018

Aickarakkonathe Bhishaguaranmaar (2018) Malayalam Review:
Sinseer Mohammad Koya plays Vedavyasan, the second son of Sukumaran. Despite being a practician, he’s nevertheless to begin his observe. Sukumaran is annoyed by the unfussy angle of his sons. His female offspring Anandavalli (Miyasree Soumya) may be a nurse in a very non-public hospital owned by greedy businessperson Pushkaran, vie by Sunil Sukhada. The manager of AN Ayurveda treatment centre, Hariprasad (Vipin Mangalassery), is incredibly near Anandavalli. He follows the $64000 holiness and essence of Ayurveda within the centre. Sivaji Guruvayur, United Nations agency is that the protagonist, is supreme in his performance with AN exhilarating portrayal of the emotions. Sukumaran tries to carry firmly the antique observe of medicative treatment and its holiness amidst his struggle to stay the unsteady bond of his family intact. The events that result in the conflict within the film lack clarity and sharpness, conveyance down the seriousness of the case.

Jafar Idukki’s Lalappan is strikingly crafty however an excessive amount of humorous shade to the character seems to be incongruous . scripted byShibu dominion. K, the amorous affairs within the plot particularly between Susruthan and Pushkaran’s female offspring Indukala (Hridya) seem as forcefully squeezed components. few songs fenced in by Sohan Roy and composed by B.R. Biju area unit extremely appealing. P.C. Lal’s visuals also are noteworthy. Despite having the clear intention of discussing a grave issue,’Aikkarakkonathe Bhishagwaranmar’ fails to boost the bar in its execution. Sivaji Guruvayur shines as Sukumaran Vaidyar as this comedy, enacted by largely newcomers, flames out with a slender impact.


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