Autorsha (2018) Malayalam Full Movie Download


Autorsha (2018) Malayalam Full Movie Download

Autorsha is not the story of a victim but of a girl who fought it alone, by holding on to herself strongly despite losing everything.

Cast & Crew
Director: Sujith Vaassudev
Actor: Anusree, Tini Tom, Rahul Madhav, Amar Ramachandran
Release Date: 23 Nov, 2018

Autorsha (2018) Malayalam Review:
Director-cinematographer Sujith Vaassudev sets up his new film Autorsha with Associate in Nursing intriguing hook then income, unhurriedly, with the duty of fastidiously fleshing out his principal character Anitha (Anusree). Set in Kannur, Autorsha presents in its half Associate in Nursing authentic, documentary-style peek into the lives of auto-rickshaw drivers before moving on to incorporate comparatively a lot of thought parts in its last half.

When Anitha parks her auto-rickshaw in a very stand dominated by men, naturally she is met with stares. however these are harmless men and it doesn’t take terribly long for her to become one in all them, partaking in their numerous mischiefs and attempting to planned out their dilemmas. In one sequence, we have a tendency to see Anitha attempting to cater to a traveller littered with Alzheimer’s whereas in another, she is annoyed by the actions of a mentally unstable man whose thoughts keep ever-changing each 5 minutes. And if the intensity of those moments weren’t robust enough, she is asked to move Associate in Nursing unconscious child to a hospital later.

Sujith brings a Paul Greengrass-level of grittiness to most of those sequences. although a special rig named ‘Autorsha 360’ was specifically designed for the film, we have a tendency to don’t sense here any collection. At no purpose can we see Sujith’s camera line of work attention to itself. It remains largely obscure, often creating its presence best-known once probing the tightest of corners. the remainder of the time, it moves with the characters or observes them from a distance. sometimes the camera moves round the vehicle, providing you with a way of the spacial challenges and thereby intensifying the stress in a very explicit scene.

There is additionally Associate in Nursing ample dose of humour within the sort of digs taken at the stereotypes sometimes related to Kannur. Most of the laughs arrive courtesy of Tini Tom’s lawman character United Nations agency, at one purpose, whines regarding the absence of lentils together with his morning puttu (as a Kannur fashion plate myself, I found this scene uproariously relatable). And a running gag involving Tini and a foreigner desirous to take photos of a hartal looks like a breath of contemporary amidst the various ‘WhatsApp forwards’ we’ve been seeing late in different films. although Tini’s parts are in no method connected to Anitha’s story, they create for welcome distractions once things get too tense.

The heart and soul of Autorsha are, doubtless, Anitha, United Nations agency is imbued with the proper quantity of vulnerability, charm, and determination by Anusree. this is often one in all those rare women-centric films with a literary feminine character at its core. there’s not a false note in Anusree’s performance. once Anitha’s dark past slowly begins to require over, we have a tendency to get to work out a very completely different facet of her character, and her transformation is delicate and convincing. we have a tendency to are therefore endowed in her journey that once the ultimate payoff arrives, we have a tendency to are willing to overlook the ethical implications of a number of her choices.


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