Bolivia (2019) Malayalam Full Movie Download


Bolivia (2019) Malayalam Full Movie Download

In bid to create suspense, the writing lacks at building an emotional ethos in the story. ‘Bolivia’ also fails at establishing any kind of morality or ethics. The writer seems to not care that somethings are not just unlawful, but are ethically wrong, no matter who does it.

Cast & Crew
Director: Faizal Koonath
Actor: Neena Kurup, Soumya Sadanandan
Release Date: 11 Jan, 2019

Bolivia (2019) Malayalam Review:
A heroic tale in 3D may be everything the genre screams for. however can ‘Bolivia’ live up to it? Well, the $64000 question before people extremely is why will ‘Bolivia’ must be in 3D. the foremost restrained film that received a unharness up to now this year, ‘Bolivia’ comes with no massive names and thus no fanfare. So, the film in and of itself carries no real weight, exploit it many area to prove its bravery only on its benefit. ‘Bolivia’ with pride announces that ‘revenge has no shape’, telling United States right within the title that the story is that of a revenge crime. Neethu may be a politically narrow social activist United Nations agency suddenly finds that her neighbour is in peril. With the assistance of her friends and ‘Guru’, a pc geek, she sets bent crack the case and save the kidnaped 10-year-old.

The 3D heroic tale, ‘Bolivia’, written and directed by Faizal Koonath, starts with all the required components of an honest crime-thriller. Slowly and steady, the story builds suspense associate degreed has an ebb and flow to the narrative. The film has no songs, other than the title music, sung by Radhika Sethumadhavan and Hashim, United Nations agency did the background score of the film. Hashim deserves praise for his music that blends in well with the narrative. Shanavas Muthu, the photographer keeps the narrative visually appealing, all the whereas partaking the audience into the suspense. a number of his shots are textbook thrill inducers, and for that Shanavas deserves a pat on his back.

However the film isn’t while not faults. The film has its amateur edges. The subpar and amateur acting hinder the medium expertise. The film may be a terrible fail in partaking showing emotion. In bid to form suspense, the writing lacks at building associate degree emotional attribute within the story. ‘Bolivia’ conjointly fails at establishing any quite morality or ethics. the author appears to not care that somethings aren’t simply unlawful, however are ethically wrong, irrespective of United Nations agency will it. within the race to the tip, associate degree awful heap of twists and turns appear to be created only for the sake of the shock issue. they appear to possess caught hold of the smallest amount expected character to be the perpetrator and created a shoddy story to justify it. a lot of significantly, it’s unclear on why the film is 3D because it bears no consequence to the story or the storytelling. In parts, the 3D facet of it feels plain holographic. For all the thrills, the action and stunt scenes in Bolivia are a giant close up. to not mention, the redaction is unsmooth in components.


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