Chandragiri (2018) Malayalam Full Movie Download


The subject has been handled with almost subtlety that the word ‘endosulphan’ has been completely omitted from the narrative.

Cast & Crew
Director: Mohan Kupleri
Actor: Lal, Sajitha Madathil, Sunil Sukhada, Kochu Preman, Hareesh Peradi, Joy Mathew
Release Date: 03 Aug, 2018

Chandragiri (2018) Malayalam Review:
Director Mohan Kupleri’s approach is strikingly spectacular and admiringly innovative in “Chandragiri”. The delicate references of social problems sans any commotion within the treatment build it the filmmaker’s best work until date. Survival is that the disturbing question being moon-faced by the characters after they area unit destined to confront a excessiveness of problems starting from education, diseases caused by pesticides to misappropriated acts of greedy businessmen. The story of Santhanagopalam within the form of Yakshagana has been diligently employed by Mohan as a figure of speech to focus on the plight of a population. they’re empty justice and right to measure by feeding every iota of the happiness in life. Apparently, Mohan imparts Associate in Nursing underlying temperament within the treatment. He deliberately makes an attempt to stay hold of the characters to forestall them from transcending the frontiers of his creativeness. This restrained approach makes “Chandragiri” an honest try.

Scripted by Vinod Kumar Kuttamath, the story has fits and starts in some areas and this downside hinders it from turning into an honest medium expertise. Chandragiri close to Kasaragod is that the nerve centre of the action. Lal seems as Raghavan Master, World Health Organization struggles to guard a government-aided college from being stop working by its management. The manager, Patelar (Hareesh Peradi), is additionally a business top executive and he needs to line up a works in an exceedingly large cashew grove close to the varsity. because the head master of the varsity, Raghavan and different activists fight against this move. This protest step by step brings the victims of a harmful chemical to the limelight. kids together with the newborns area unit suffering from this chemical sprayed onto the cashew grove that sprawls across acres of land. Raghavan’s girl Dhaya, compete by Shaun Romy is additionally one in all the victims.

Obviously, the nexus between the wealthy and therefore the bureaucrats dominates the unhappy plight of individuals. Raghavan, World Health Organization is additionally a Yakshagana performer, believes just like the epic character Arjuna within the Santhanagopalam story, he needs to do one thing to urge obviate the case. The symbolic clarification brings a kind of aesthetic creativeness within the narration. ratite bird as Sura and Sajitha Madathil as Selin teacher showcase the complicated views of the current society. Lal’s transformation towards the top beyond question throws lights on one in all his best performances. He tries to defend the crafty deeds of Patelar with the assistance of his determination. Dhaya, World Health Organization is confined to a chair, helps him overcome his setbacks in life. however the emotional bond between a father Associate in Nursingd a girl has an drug of drama within the portrayal. Shaun Romy encompasses a neat performance in an exceedingly crucial role. Shaji Kumar’s picture taking and Bijibal’s BGM have created the specified result. “Chandragiri” shares the eternal pain of a generation that falls victims to the folks with unconditional interests. Albeit the book exposes its glitches, it’s beyond question a delicate portrayal of a social issue. actually it’s a creative illustration of a haunting tragedy.


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