Laughing Apartment Near Girinagar (2018) Malayalam Full Movie Download

Laughing Apartment Near Girinagar

The lives of the residents at an upmarket apartment go for a toss when their water supply gets blocked, that too on a hartal day. Amid the external troubles, the residents try to solve their personal issues, which includes infidelity, dysentery, divorce and death.

Cast & Crew
Director: Nizar
Actor: Dharmajan Bolgatty, Ramesh Pisharody, Geetha Vijayan, Kalabhavan Shajohn
Release Date: 24 Aug, 2018

Laughing Apartment Near Girinagar (2018) Malayalam Review:
Veteran director Nizar dabbles in a very host of problems that square measure scattered sans making any real laugh. the main focus of the film maker, WHO has co-written the book with P. Parappuram, is disobedient albeit the ensemble solid includes a number of the most effective performers of humour. “Laughing flat close to Girinagar” seems to be a mere noise-making exercise to evoke laugh with the help of a parched tale. it’s for the most part void of a true content to supply something considerable concerning the total creation.

“Laughing flat close to Girinagar” follows the lives of the residents of associate flat in a very town. The conflict starts once their water gets blocked on a hartal day. Besides this drawback, the residents attempt to solve their personal problems. Nizar discusses problems as well as quality, dysentery, divorce and death within the plot, amalgamated with double meanings. flat secretary Thankaraj, vie by Carlos Kumar, shies removed from the residents amidst the difficulty for obtaining water.

The couple, Aravind (Ramesh Pisharody) and Manju (Aswathi Menon), square measure on the verge of divorce and also the professional (Geetha Vijayan) tries to assist them within the method. Another resident Rahul (Kalabhavan Shajon) has associate illicit affair and apparently, he tries to cover it from his partner Meera, essayed by Malavika Rajan. Sunil Sugada seems as a Brahmin, WHO is taking care of his dying father. Dharmajan plays Kunjan, WHO includes a very important half within the story. the protection guard of the flat, Appavi (Kottayam Nazir), tries to form cash by doing errands for the residents.

So among the gang of residents, you’d expect one thing to happen since they represent somewhat a cross section of the society. when encountering of these mundane sequences within the film, the twist comes within the kind of a daring woman named Aruna, vie by Saranya Anand. This surprising guest includes a task at hand to come up with one thing attention-grabbing for the viewers.

Disappointingly, none of the actors is within the line of praise because of a poor and lame script. Moreover, the distasteful humour from the comedians clearly misses the target providing dismay to the audience.

“Laughing flat close to Girinagar” could be a charmless and ugly film altogether. The script throws in adult-orientated jokes and also the content is filled with humorless jokes and it leaves a very nasty style. It canters on to the purpose wherever you’d urgently long for a far higher creation from a seasoned film maker.


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