Lilli (2018) Malayalam Full Movie Download


Lilli (2018) Malayalam Full Movie Download

Lilli is a survival drama that is high on violence, at times an overdose of it. Not everyone can stomach it but if you succeed, the film will get you thinking.

Cast & Crew
Director: Prasobh Vijayan
Actor: Samyuktha Menon, Kannan Nayar, Dhanesh Anand
Producer: A. V. Anoop
Release Date: 28 Sep, 2018

Lilli (2018) Malayalam Review:
It is raw and gritty; it does not have any qualms regarding showing you all the blood it sheds. If an extended rusty iron nail is thrust into somebody’s neck, expect to ascertain a fountain of blood. If a couple of skulls square measure cracked, expect to listen to the sound. unnecessary to mention, it’s one amongst the foremost unsettling films ever created. The film opens throughout the time of ending. we tend to 1st see Lilli (Samyuktha Menon) once Prime Minister Narendra Modi is on TV asserting the note-ban. however i do not suppose any political statement was being created. this is often not a movie needing to be ‘deep’ with its visual motifs. This background detail is there merely to convey the desperation of the characters; nothing a lot of, nothing less. it’s a simple and unapologetic film.

Among the characters plagued by the note-ban square measure a bunch of kidnappers seeking data a few missing woman. They nobble Lilli as a result of they believe she is aware of the girl’s whereabouts. The intensity of this case is heightened by the actual fact that Lilli is heavily pregnant. And to form matters worse, one amongst the abductors, Rajesh (Dhanesh Anand) has another thoughts on his mind, excluding financial gains. tho’ he’s not the leader, it’s Rajesh UN agency makes the strongest impression. along with his high-strung manner and eyes that square measure constantly scintillant with menace, Rajesh manages to be a nasty villain. you’re feeling uneasy whenever he approaches Lilli. you have got no clue what he’s near to do next.

Even his gang members square measure created uncomfortable by his presence. however are you able to not, after you hear him say things like, “Wouldn’t or not it’s fun to look at a girl deliver a baby?” And so as to induce U.S.A. a lot of at home with him, Prasobh, UN agency conjointly wrote the script, offers U.S.A. individual moments wherever Rajesh is all by himself making an attempt to come back up with ways in which to entertain himself. a method is to kill a chicken along with his blank hands, only for fun. this is often clearly not the type of man you’d need within the same area as Lilli.

Lilli, on the opposite hand, is not any standard lady. once she unflinchingly thrusts that aforesaid iron nail into a guy’s neck, you recognize she has been in some dark places before. in a very flashback, you not solely get some history on Lilli however conjointly however the missing woman figures in her story. tho’ Samyuktha created a solid impression in Theevandi, the film failed to properly use the role player in her. Her character in Lilli, however, carries loads of weight — each virtually and figuratively. there’s nothing artificial regarding her performance. you’ll feel the struggle of a girl making an attempt to head off her captors whereas carrying a 9-month previous baby within her.

A film like Lilli happens once the performances, atmosphere, and mood work along in excellent unison. This film is additionally a testament to the commitment and diligence place in by a bunch of impassioned film buffs. A special shout bent on the film’s academic department whose well-thought-out concepts splendidly convey the appearance and decay that pervades the film. this is often a world stuffed with tat and desperation. Add some mist associated minimal lighting and what you get is an intensely part medium expertise.


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