Madhaveeyam (2019) Malayalam Full Movie Download


Madhaveeyam (2019) Malayalam Full Movie Download

Madhaveeyam is a movie idolising and romanticising love stories amongst unequal partners where one worships the other. For this and this alone, it fails to connect with the current generation.

Cast & Crew
Director,Actor: Thejas Perumanna
Actor: Vineeth, Geetha Vijayan, Mamukoya, Babu Namboothiri, Ambika Mohan
Release Date: 11 Jan, 2019

Madhaveeyam (2019) Malayalam Review:
Madhav Dev, a painter of international repute, and his sister Manasi, a famed author, each widowed, are siblings United Nations agency live for every different. so sooner or later, Madhav meets Mallika, a lady from AN impoverished background, and he or she changes his life forever. Directed and written by Thejas Perumanna, ‘Madhaveeyam’ was co-written by Sudhi. The film is that the story of AN artist/painter. ‘Madhaveeyam’ could be a done-to-death, boy- meets-girl story wherever one falls enamored with someone below their money standing and is therefore celebrated as a beacon of virtue for falling enamored.

The film is AN over dramatic tv soap that got a dress up as a cinema, albeit any up to date medium parts to that. sometimes one forgets that this cinema was shot within the twenty first century, and not the 60s and 70s. It plays into syrupy and mushy romantic clichés best suited to the age of Premnazir movies. the manufacturers appear whole ignorant regarding however times have modified. The story is as recent as time, and is narrated because it would are told ages past. The rough edges within the redaction and therefore the subpar acting by a bunch of unfamiliar with actors makes the story aloof from relatable and downright cringeworthy. The overdramatic parts of the narrative additionally do not appear to assist one bit.

The only redeeming issue to the film are its songs, redemmed by M G Sreekumar, Vani Jayaram and therefore the like. The background music additionally doesn’t appear to disturb the narrative. Madhaveeyam could be a show idolising and romanticising love stories amongst unequal partners wherever one worships the opposite. For this and this alone, it fails to attach with this generation. At AN age that’s undoubtedly not of ‘pati-parmeshwars,’ one will simply provide ‘Madhaveeyam’ a miss.


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