Mandharam (2018) Malayalam Full Movie Download


Mandharam (2018) Malayalam Full Movie Download

The film deserves applause for portraying a bike riding, drinking heroine as worthy of loving, and can be considered an exploration of aspirations vs reality when it comes to relationships.

Cast & Crew
Director: Vijesh Vijay
Actor: Asif Ali, Varsha Bollamma, Megha Mathew, Jacob Gregory, Indrans, Ganesh Kumar
Release Date: 05 Oct, 2018

Mandharam (2018) Malayalam Review:
However, this is often not a depressing flick. It’s conventional and spinoff, yes, however ne’er depressing. Even the supposed ‘depressing’ moments area unit treated with a touch of mockery. Its intentions area unit smart and it is not a foul begin for a first-time film maker (Vijesh Vijay). it’s a simple narrative that begins with Rajesh’s (Asif Ali) fatal ‘one-way’ romance in his faculty days to his fatal ‘two-way’ romance in his faculty days and at last thereto ‘no way’ purpose wherever he — like most guys WHO are rejected fairly often — decides to stay ladies off from his life.

Though Asif’s character isn’t any completely different from a typical twenty-something engineering student whose true passion are a few things else entirely, the actor’s convincing naive-to-mature progression keeps the flick afloat. there’s some friendly knowledge offered on the manner, however most of the people, with a Facebook account, area unit already alert to this stuff. Take, for instance, a line like, “Never place the key to our happiness in somebody else’s pocket” — does not it sound familiar?

When Rajesh isn’t busy inarticulate regarding his love troubles, he’s hanging out along with his 3 friends (played by Arjun Ashokan, Jacob Gregory, and Vineeth Vishwam), WHO seem like they’re attempting to recreate the one-of-a-kind comic temporal arrangement of Mukesh, Siddique, Jagadish, and Asokan from In Harihar Nagar (Jacob Gregory’s character is largely Appukkuttan half 2). a number of the lines area unit contemporary and humourous, however one cannot say the identical for all the jokes. By the way, rather like the In Harihar Nagar characters, all four men are attempting laborious to woo ladies. Not even one guy is curious about the idea of organized marriage?

The two primary feminine characters (played by Varsha Bollamma and Anarkali Marakkar respectively) don’t have any notable qualities — once more, we’ve seen them before in alternative movies. These area unit stock characters. tho’ I will not spoil the ending, not once did I want the 2 would build Rajesh’s ideal partners. the primary one is conflicted regarding her feelings for Rajesh and he or she does not have the spirit to travel all the manner. The second one’s feelings appear additional like infatuation than ‘love’.


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