Mohanlal (2018) Malayalam Full Movie Download


If you are in the mood for some rib-tickling comedy and a feel-good movie, Mohanlal is a good bet.

Cast & Crew
Director: Sajid Yahiya
Actor: Indrajith Sukumaran, Manju Warrier, Aju Varghese, Soubin Shahir, Salim Kumar, Hareesh Kanaran, Shebin Benson
Release Date: 14 Apr, 2018

Mohanlal (2018) Malayalam Review:
Directed by Sajid Yahiya, it’s a comic book tale a few girl Meenukutty (Warrier) and her psychoneurotic love for the South Dravidian lead, Mohnalal. Her extreme celebrity worship nearly prices her and her husband Sethumadhavan, vie by Indrajith, dearly. Meenukutty, a sweet and gullible young woman, feels a cosmic reference to the actor as she was born on identical day that the actor created his medium debut with the adventure story Manjil Virinja Pookkal. however her idolatry isn’t of the sinister kind. There’s no writing his name along with her own blood on her wall or stalking him on film sets — simply frenzied adoration, like look all his films on the primary day of unleash, and whistling as he seems on the silver screen. It’s sweet and novel initially, however her crazy worshiping overstays its welcome.

Meenukutty expects her childhood sweetheart, whom she marries, to behave like however Mohanlal behaves in his blockbusters. It’s a ridiculous demand, however somehow Warrier makes it credible along with her outstanding command over comedy. The blind worshiping of Mohanlal incontestible within the film feels overdone. Warrier and Indrajith show impeccable comic temporal order, however that isn’t enough to gloss over the loopholes within the overdrawn plot. Characters and incidents ar thrown into the combo willy-nilly and what you get may be a series of insincere fan-boy moments that place their beloved ‘Lalettan’ into a rarefied house. however one in every of the redeeming aspects of this film is that it offers a peek into the fascinating world of fan associations or clubs that worship massive stars — rampant in Kerala — and their dynamics. The scenes that includes Meenukutty and therefore the Mohanlal fan association cluster may be a bright spot during this limp film.

Warrier’s loveable act might prompt you of legendary role player Urvashi and her humourous blockbusters with actor Sreenivasan and Mohanlal, that brought alive the upper-middle-class surroundings and their daily struggles. however this new comedy falters once it involves holding it all at once. whereas the primary 0.5 is watchable, the last half gets melodramatic and you get the distinct feeling that director Yahiya is losing grip on his story. The blind worshiping of Mohanlal incontestible within the film may additionally feel overdone as it’s applied with very little consideration and diplomacy. Varghese as a unimportant crook isn’t significantly spectacular. whereas Warrier’s role is a lot of complete, Indrajith’s helplessness as a husband married to a round the bend adult female isn’t explored absolutely.


Mohanlal (2018) Malayalam Full Movie Download

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