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The director introduces the characters – one by one – and that methodical approach is probably one of the letdowns of the film, that scares in the horror part but becomes a drag in the rest.

Cast & Crew
Director: Althaf Rahman
Actor: Mamta Mohandas, Anoop Menon, Baburaj
Release Date: 10 Aug, 2018

Neeli (2018) Malayalam Review:
Neeli tries to retell the renowned mythological tale of Kalliyankattu Neeli, a personality pictured in several movies and novels as a sanguinary evil spirit. Here, she may be a guardian of women; somebody WHO would nudge, harass or perhaps murder men to guard very little ladies and their mothers. Hindu deity (Mamta Mohandas), associate urbane single mother, returns to her ancestral direct Kalliyankattu village, to measure together with her grannie. She has been through a rough inter-religious wedding that complete with the suicide of her husband, Alex (Rahul Madhav). On simply her second day within the village, her very little girl, Tara is kidnapped by associate unidentified man, going away her blasted. within the events that follow, she gets to bear with the fiery feminist yakshi.

While the one-line outline of the film may sound promising, it’s severely defeated by inept creating associated an incoherent narration. For one, from the dark sequence of the death of a rape victim, the film suddenly shifts to a cheap somebody zone within the next scene. The transition isn’t swish. For a flick that’s titled when a girl associated centred around a mother and an kidnapped kid, the film feeds the audience plenty of petty scenes of men having fun. You see men whiling away time in a very rural tea search, associated an area crook (SP Sreekumar) interviewing candidates animatedly to pick out an assistant (Baburaj). It spends unwarranted quantity of your time on the 2 thieves and their rather uncommon process. Also, there’s a ghost-hunter (Anoop Menon), a cheap replication of Mohanlal’s medical specialist from Manichithrathazhu. we tend to meet him 1st once he’s playacting a session within a women’s hostel space. The awkward staging of the scene reaches its peak once the person picks up associate undergarment from a window grill and also the hostel inmates enter blush mode. It’s year 2018, associated if our filmmakers believe that every one it takes to create an audience of grown-up folks laugh is ladies’ undergarment, there’s one thing seriously wrong with their perception of cinema and life.

Buried to a lower place the pile of male gaze and cheap laughs is Hindu deity and her underdeveloped backstory. In a minimum of 2 identical scenes, you see Hindu deity at the native station, weeping and screaming at the cops WHO don’t appear curious about her case. Her lines ar similar too, revealing nothing new concerning her or concerning the film. Her relationship together with her grannie or the grand ancestral home with several rooms and corridors, lying simply beside Neeli’s sacred grove, is unknown too.

The nearest example to attract to means some contrasts is Aswin Saravanan’s Maya that, like Neeli, was targeted around one mother. The film let itself be associatechored by Apsara (Nayanthara) whose personal and skilled struggles occupied a core position within the film aboard the chilling tale of an abandoned forest and a infirmary that functioned sort of a Nazi concentration camp. The plot and also the subplot were wealthy and inventive. Neeli doesn’t work for an equivalent precise reasons on why Maya worked as a movie. It doesn’t take interest in its characters – neither the living nor the dead.



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