Neerali (2018) Malayalam Full Movie Download


Gemmologist Sunny and driver Veerappan are trapped in a truck hanging off a steep cliff in a deep jungle. Will the duo survive?

Cast & Crew
Director: Ajoy Varma
Actor: Mohanlal, Parvatii Nair, Nadia Moidu, Nassar, Saikumar, Dileesh Pothan, Suraj Venjaramoodu, Megha Mathew
Producer: Santhosh T. Kuruvilla, Sandeep Narayan, Mibu Jose Nettikadan, Arun Thampi, John Thomas
Release Date: Jul 13, 2018

Neerali (2018) Malayalam Review:
Writer Saju Thomas has spun Associate in Nursing diverting narrative a couple of helpless man, UN agency is caught between difficult ladies in his life and a deep void. The moving picture begins with the pick-up, during which Sunny is move along with his driver friend Veerappa (Suraj Venjaramoodu), turn off the road and diving into the jungle. The vehicle miraculously stops on the sting of a drop-off, going away Veerappa badly wounded and Sunny in a very helpless scenario within the traveller seat. Veerappa can’t move a muscle in his body to avoid wasting his life. it’s currently up to Sunny to try to to one thing extraordinary to tug away himself and his friend from the jaws of death. The film keeps clipping and forth in time, narrating the bond between Sunny and Veerappa, the main points regarding their families and therefore the personal issues that they need to deal singly. The truck conjointly holds a box packed with diamonds value Rs five large integer, that is being pursued by a gang of gun-wielding criminals semiconductor diode by Rajan (Dileesh Pothan).

As if these issues don’t seem to be enough, Sunny’s outgoing calls are barred on the account of non-payment stopping him from phoning his friends for facilitate. South Dravidian genius Mohanlal offers a convincing performance as someone perpetually swinging between hope and despair. What’s placing is director Ajoy Varma and author Sanju’s dedication to protective the integrity of the story by not fixing it to suit the high status of Mohanlal.

The man, UN agency created Rs a hundred large integer at the box workplace by single-handily taking down highly-trained international assassins and grappling 300-kg tigers (Pulimurugan), is reduced to a mortal being – screaming and crying for facilitate. In fact, Mohanlal’s genius image has done a good service to the filmmakers. in additional than one scene, I nearly thought that Mohanlal was near to attain some unbelievable stunt and save the day. Ajoy and Sanju even trick you into basic cognitive process that Sunny can train a wild and unruly monkey with four items of cake to assist him. Sunny incorporates a bag packed with tricks that he performs within the scenery of Associate in Nursing epinephrin pumping song. But, his tricks don’t seem to be enough to avoid wasting him from the upcoming danger. Neerali isn’t an everyday genius film. he’s not stronger or larger than his circumstances. the sole extraordinary issue that Mohanlal’s Sunny will do is continue his hope and determination to survive. And trust Maine, that’s an enormous quest such desperate things.

Not simply Sunny, different characters in Neerali also are continually negotiating between life and death. Mollykutty (Nadhiya) is upset that she might not survive the gestation, Naina (Parvatii Nair) has self-destructive thoughts as she stands on the shelf of her dwelling when Sunny refuses to fulfill her romantic expectations. Veerappa is hopeful of winning back the respect of his girl. The stakes persevere growing within the story, drawing the audience to the edge-of-the-seat. you’ll conjointly realize humor in Sunny’s sufferings. Sunny’s nearly unsuccessful tries to form his spouse Mollykutty and his work-friend Naina perceive things he’s in ar funny. He should make sure that he doesn’t say one thing that may tick them off and create them suspend up the phone on him.


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