Ottakkoru Kaamukan (2018) Malayalam Full Movie Download

Ottakkoru Kaamukan

Ottakkoru Kaamukan (2018) Malayalam Full Movie Download

The film is packed with love stories and the school romance of youth Kathrina and Dominique played by Lijomol and Shalu.

Cast & Crew
Director: John Vannery
Actor: Joju George, Shine Tom Chacko, Bhagath Manuel, Vijayaraghavan, Kalabhavan Shajohn, Dain Davis
Release Date: 23 Nov, 2018

Ottakkoru Kaamukan (2018) Malayalam Review:
Hurt by the indirect intervention of these captives in his love affair, this youth has plans to revenge his lost love. Vinu agrees to unharness one in every of the captives – a priest, a school academician, a girl Associate in Nursingd an aspiring filmmaker-provided his or her story ought to please him. Firstly, he asks the priest, Dominic (Balachandran Chullikkad) to relate his story. Shalu Rahim seems as juvenile person Dominic whereas Lijomol Jose plays his love interest, Cathrina. This rustic story provides all the bitter-sweet environment of a relationship, that is elevated by the stainless performances of those actors. Joju St. George as academician Ananthakrishnan shares the matured relationship with Meera (Abhirami). each these stories are the cornerstones of ‘Ottakkoru Kaamukan’ and that they keep you engaged for a few time.

Shilpa Kurien, essayed by simple Immanuel, presents a unique story regarding her living-together partner Rahul (Shaheen Siddique). This story has reminder a heroic tale with Kalabhavan Shajohn taking part in a motivating law officer. The flick creates the texture of swish sailing once the narration shifts to the tales of Ananthakrishnan and father Dominic, that were helmed by Jayan Vannery of ‘Ma Chu Ka’ fame. Jayan follows the most effective of the treatment tools that aid these components to rise up within the totality of the film. The impeccable portrayal of their various roles by Joju St. George and Abhirami is unquestionably a lifeline to the proceedings.

Bhagath Manuel as short theatre director Leon Joseph has nothing abundant to supply in this insignificant role. Witnessing of these stories, one would pant for a sensible conclusion however here the dizzy and unimaginative writing pulls the plug on the potential rise of ‘Ottakkoru Kaamukan’. The conception of the writers faces a roadblock at regular intervals that clearly stalls the progress of this flick.


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