Panth (2019) Malayalam Full Movie Download


Panth (2019) Malayalam Full Movie Download

Panth has its good moments. And the movie is worth a watch for these moments, especially for Abeni Aadhi.

Cast & Crew
Director: Aadhi Saraswathy
Actor: Aju Varghese, Nedumudi Venu, Indrans, Vineeth
Producer: Shaji Changaramkulam
Release Date: 25 Jan, 2019

Panth (2019) Malayalam Review:
Directed by Aadhi, the trailer of Panthers gave a control of being a story revolving around soccer. when the victorious run of Sudani from African country, the trailer gave a control of attempting to ride on the success formula. However, Panth has little to try to to with soccer. Kaannenkavu may be a hamlet hidden inside the plush and inexperienced folds of residential area Kerala, mingled with myths and folklores that have forever been a component of gran tales. Panth is that the story of Kaannenkavu, close very little Amina, World Health Organization may be a mischievous bundle, resolved regarding eager to play soccer. however Kaannenkavu has a lot of secrets to itself than it lets on.

Nine year recent Abeni Aadhi, glorious for her award winning role in Kochavva Paulo Ayyappa Coelho, is being directed by her father, Aadhi this point. And it would have helped, as a result of she is simply as fantastic because the last time, perhaps even higher. Abeni, as Amina, lights up the screen each single time. Bankable artists like Nedumangad Venu, Indrans, ANd Sudheesh are an plus to the narrative. Ashwaghosh cranks the camera for Panth. Ishaan Dev’s music is on purpose. the background score and also the songs showing neatness traffic congestion the narrative. Ashwaghosh’s motion-picture photography additionally lifts the narrative of the myths. His lens helps with the visual storytelling.

However the story of Panth looks to be scattered everywhere Kaannenkavu. Panth severely suffers from audio glitches that seriously marr the viewing old. writing jerks additionally do not appear to assist either. Panth is a smaller amount regarding soccer and a lot of regarding the fight of fine against evil. It uses lore and myths to assist tell the story. there’s a superb story somewhere in there. however the story loses its radiancy amidst narrative decorations.


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