Papas (2018) Malayalam Full Movie Download


Papas (2018) Malayalam Full Movie Download

Story : Papas is the story of a boy who wished for a new pair or slippers. Lonan’s slippers have seen its end, thanks to the wear and tear it has borne over the years. And his father Lazer, a drunkard, is always “too poor” to be able to buy him a new pair. Is young Lonan willing to let his conscience slip for a new pair of slippers?

Cast & Crew
Director: Sampath
Actor: Prasanth Minerva, Rashid Patharakkal, Liji Jyothis
Release Date: 23 Nov, 2018

Papas (2018) Malayalam Review:
With little or no fanfare, amidst this deluge of cinemas cathartic on, Papas may be a easy story told with the simplicity it demands. Set in Thrishur within the 90s, the film is a few boy United Nations agency needed for a replacement combine of slippers. The title of the cinema, Papas, is that the conversational Malayalam word for slippers. Written by Santhosh Kallath, the film is directed by Sampath. Lonan is simply another young child with easy wants and little needs. bored with his friends creating fun of his done in slippers, he hopes that his father Lazer, a fish monger, buys him a replacement combine. But Lazer, a drunkard, merely does not care enough.

Papas may be a humble story, the type of goodnight stories we tend to tell sons and daughters. however what makes it a medium expertise is that the imaging. Set within the 90s, Papas tells it’s story during this Brobdingnagian canvas of childhood yearning, a world unacquainted to millinials. that produces it a narrative for the young adults. Sampath effectively directional a bunch of unacquainted solid may be a effort in itself. The visuals by Rasheed Rashi, director of photography, aide the narrative and carry the story up a notch. The film scores well musically. Sajan K Ram’s background score aides the narrative an excellent deal. Dr. Gopal Sankar’s music additionally deserves an excellent deal of credit. Songs by the one and solely KJ Yeshudas, Vijay Yeshudas and Shreya Jaydeep are all highlights of the cinema.

However Papas tells you a story that is sure from it’s extremely simplicity that we’ve praised to this point. Also, every now and then the story loses bit with reasoning and offers no closure. Characters and incidents, amendment and easily exit the narrative dead. so there are moments once emotions dry out and reasons feel flimsy. Papas is beyond any doubt for the youngsters. And as so much as kids’s films go it’s commonplace to require children without any consideration and lax on the presentation. typically children’s films are full of sermons on morals and virtues, Papas offers no exception. lovely visuals and straightforward story aside, at the tip of it, it preaches with none qualms. Subject yourself to the sermon with honest warning.


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