Praana (2019) Malayalam Full Movie Download


Praana (2019) Malayalam Full Movie Download

Tara Anuradha (Nithya) is a controversial writer. Her book Music of Freedom is being discussed by many for its courageous writing. After getting to know about a haunted house in the highlands, Tara decides to take up a challenge. What follows next forms the rest of the story.

Cast & Crew
Director: V.K. Prakash
Actor: Nithya Menen
Producer: Suresh Raj, Praveen S Kumar
Release Date: 18 Jan, 2019

Praana (2019) Malayalam Review:
Is one extremely free during this current society? town Anuradha, a fortunate author Associate in Nursingd an freelance girl is during a solo journey to search out the which means of freedom. The writer, WHO challenges fundamentalists and hesitates to require police protection once commercial enterprise her disputable book Music of Freedom, accidentally reads a news a couple of haunted house within the highlands. Brave and audacious, town (enacted by Nithya Menen), WHO has been looking for a prospect, chooses to measure therein house. She begins her keep by fixing 3 cameras within the drawing area to record the happenings within the house and additionally to search out out if ghosts extremely exist. The single-character motion-picture show progresses as she starts questioning the concept of freedom and intolerance within the society.

The idea of a motion-picture show with one character at once triggers curiosity because it is often fascinating to work out however one person will effectively manage to carry the eye of the audience for the period of the film. For that, the motion-picture show can must rely entirely on the shoulders of that one actor. Nithya as town will it. Her character apparently communicates with the globe victimisation totally different properties like toys, telephone, television, thoughts, words, books and typically even lights. the mix of well-crafted visuals of laptop Sreeram, moving sound style by Resul Pookutty, a well-established, claustrophobic and isolated setting, and VK Prakash’s direction has worked along to form a right atmosphere. Above all, it’s the performance of Nithya Menen, because the solo human character within the film that elevates the movie’s commonplace. She magnificently fills the screen and takes the audience together with for the complete 120-minute period, shouldering the responsibility of raising and reducing the anxiety as necessary.

However Praana may be a decent example on however a motion-picture show that has the simplest technical crew will foil with a weak script. The dialogues and script are therefore feeble that the complete effort of the team goes vainly. The below commonplace South Dravidian utilized by the visual media within the motion-picture show, that could be a distinguished character, is demoralizing. Also, Tara, Associate in Nursing Indian-English author is being forced to talk literal South Dravidian, that makes it awkward for each the character and also the audience. it’s obvious that a motion-picture show like Praana isn’t simple to attain. Hence, the story should are created in such how on hold the eye, and to stay the audience WHO have invested with within the character, their scenario, and its outcome. The film, tho’ ab initio, explains the concept of the character living alone, amplifies the aspects of tension, drama and isolation eventually on the other hand fails to keep up the required momentum.


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