Premanjali (2018) Malayalam Full Movie Download


The director seems confused as to when to set the story, the current age or an earlier one. The events in the second half and the climax, though, are intolerable, and can give mega-serials a run for their money.

Cast & Crew
Director: Suresh Narayanan
Actor: Shweta Menon, Devan, Ambika Mohan, Anoop Chandran, Mohan Sharma, Babu Namboothiri, Geetha Vijayan
Release Date: 01 Jun, 2018

Premanjali (2018) Malayalam Review:
Suresh Narayanan’s Premanjali could be a family-romance-drama that spins around a up to date thread – of children from numerous backgrounds falling crazy. The film evades the dynamic concourses of new-age story-telling and transports the audience instantly to the melancholic toil of the mega-serial realm. Hari (played by Haris Kamal) and Mythili (Remya Sree) attempt laborious to usher in vigour to the flat script, conjointly by the director. the hassle by the all-new team of actors particularly Harikesh, Mohsin Majeed, Manasi Joshi and Jasniya Jagdeesh is however commendable.

The scenes rarely explore the example dynamics of a family and its aspirations. Rather, it repeatedly plunges to the tried-and-tested formula of the 1990 films, shelling out things with very little or no story layering. Some relief, however, comes from the camera and academic department. tons of dance and music and also the fantastic thing about ancient art forms area unit captured with all essence intact. Senior artistes like Devan, Bhagyalakshmi, Anoop Chandran, adult male Namboodiri, Geetha Vijayan, Ambika Mohan etc. play the nuclear family. Shweta Menon plays the role of a tantalising Subhadra World Health Organization poor the norms of family in her youth.

The structure and also the narrative tilt to the serial genre however the dialogues harp back to the golden age of skilled theatre. The music provides some relief with considerable renderings by Madhu Balakrishnan and Najeem Arshad.


Premanjali (2018) Malayalam Full Movie Download

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