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The movie also has good music and certain dialogues that can win applause from the audience for their honesty, though you have been hearing them around from the millennials for a while. It also deserves credit for taking up a subject that hasn’t been explored much in our industry

Cast & Crew
Director: Fellini T. P, Tovino Thomas, Saiju Kurup, Suraj Venjaramoodu, Shammi Thilakan, Surabhi Lakshmi, Samyuktha Menon, Manu S. Pillai
Release Date: Sep 7, 2018

Theevandi (2018) Malayalam Review:
Bineesh Damodaran runs through such a big amount of roll of tobacco packets in a very day, that he has attained the nickname “Theevandi”, virtually which means “train”, the mention being after all to a burning and/or smoke-producing machine. He’s the type of guy United Nations agency may advise a fellow smoker to “tell St Peter at the sound, that you simply hate to form him wait, however you only gotta have another cigarette”, as “nicotine slaves” did within the previous yankee folk music variety Smoke! Smoke! Smoke! (That Cigarette). Theevandi occupies itself with the question: can our boy ever be freed from his dangerous habit, particularly currently that it’s moving the lady he loves United Nations agency loves him however hates his stinking smoker’s breath, and his politically formidable brother-in-law? Bineesh’s family and also the entire village area unit excited with surprise since they need watched him puff his health removed from his time of life.

Theevandi stars the thinking woman’s Romeo, Tovino Thomas, as Bineesh. he’s jobless however sometimes helps within the family’s tiny business, ne’er permitting his idleness or work to interrupt his romance with cigarettes. Thomas brings heft and retiring charm to his performance, in a very role that’s a lot of light than his acclaimed screen outings last year in Mayaanadhi, Godha and Oru Mexican Aparatha. Newcomer Samyuktha Menon is poised and confident whereas taking part in his girlfriend. Devi may be a government worker United Nations agency clearly has her act along whereas Bineesh doesn’t. Thomas and Menon create a sweet couple.

The rest of the forged area unit a collection. Suraj Venjaramoodu as Devi’s father and Saiju Kurup as Bineesh’s in-law area unit competent as was common, however Surabhi Lakshmi as their political party’s secretary blatantly over-acts. the primary 1/2 Theevandi is sustained by its comedic vein, the chemistry between the leads, and curiosity regarding wherever director Fellini TP and author Vini Viswa Lal might probably take this theme. The polite sarcasm here is impolitely interrupted tho’ by a girl jokingly threatening to pour acid on her boyfriend’s face – a remark that’s treated with gorgeous informality within the script – and visuals of her slapping him repeatedly that area unit used as a purportedly screaming refrain in their relationship. This violent motif mars the picturisation of the stunning song, ‘Jeevamshamayi’.

Too several Malayalam films area unit blasé in their portrayal of intimate partner violence inflicted on girls by men. girls kind a majority of victims in reality too, however that can’t justify indifference towards a reverse situation: a girl touch or threatening a person ain’t cute or funny, Messrs Fellini and Lal. The mindlessness of this side of the writing is most obvious in a very scene wherever Devi slaps Bineesh within the absence of witnesses at her home, however seconds later, once he slaps her back her furious family pours into the space to slam him. this can be simply the type of state of affairs around that MRAs wrap their victimhood – “she got away with it, however look however they condemn the paavam man,” etc.

These interludes area unit notably jarring as a result of the remainder of Theevandi, no matter its different weaknesses could also be, remains tenaciously breezy. abundant of the genius of the modern middle-of-the-road Malayalam cinema that film buffs across Bharat therefore admire lies in observant writing, those multiple characters United Nations agency area unit unforgettable even though they get hardly any screen time, the insights into life in smaller communities, and also the ability to rib nation for his or her follies while not caricaturing them. there’s hope in Theevandi before the interval and particularly therein trippy scene during which Bineesh makes an attempt to line a Guinness record along with his smoking, however that tone doesn’t last.


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