Villain (2018) Bengali Full Movie Download


Villain (2018) Bengali Full Movie Download

Romance is shortlived in the film and a forced thriller angle loses steam half way.

Cast & Crew
Director: Baba Yadav
Actor: mimi chakraborty, Ankush Hazra, Rittika Sen
Release Date: 12 Oct, 2018

Villain (2018) Bengali Review: ( Full Review Coming Soon )
When 2 girls (Mimi and Rittika) meet and discuss their love lives on a flight, very little do they gauge that their various boyfriends can correspond Ankush. What ensues may be a heap of twists and turns within the story.

If you’ve got a style for slapsticks, Villain can cause you to released those rarely chuckles. But if not, it’ll be a bit tough to require altogether the humour geared toward. not like its name, it’ll not cause you to worry any authoritarian and crafty character taking part in the titular role. This happens once a movie asserts that a hero forever remains a hero. Then UN agency is that the villain?

That’s wherever the key twist happens. Fusing in 2 romantic tracks and a double-role act superimposed to the impressive expertise the director needed the audience to induce. however it’s a so much cry. There’s confusion however largely voluntary by the characters and not as a result of the script veers towards the climax during a sure manner. once Riya (Mimi) is amazed to seek out that her flight mate Sneha’s (Rittika) lover Joy Chatterjee (Ankush) appearance a carbon of her own man Raja Chowdhury (Ankush), the plot begins to thicken. however it’s a lot of adipose tissue than meat.

Some stylized and choreographed songs later, it’s solely well-executed action scenes. And Ankush excels in them — from his new avatar to keeping the hunk visual communication on purpose, he did enough to ask hoots from his fans. Mimi and Rittika dazzle on screen with impeccable sense of favor. It will boost the glamour quotient and stops at that. The music is bouncing with film industry rapper Badshah’s inclusion however forgettable . The story picks up pace solely when the interval. It’s drama all the manner. Romance is shortlived within the film and a forced adventure story angle loses steam 0.5 manner.


Villain (2018) Bengali Full Movie Download ( Link Coming Soon )

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